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I went to a Mona Vie Seminar Hosted at the

Bulldog Barbecue Located at 601 Main street

Martinez ,Ca Peter Roselli a Mona Vie Black Diamond

Along with his wife gave out free samples of the Juice

telling you about all the magic it can do help cure cancer and pains , well I consumed this product and with in 24 hours I was taken Via Ambulance to the hospital with internal bleeding . I am allergic to shell

Fish !! At the seminar No won Warned anybody the product Mona Vie Had contained shell Fish oils

After 3 Days in the hospital and 25,000 Dollars

Later in medical bills and near death event I contacted Mona Vie at the Home office in Utah , as

I was telling the story to a secretary she started laughing at me , I said whats so funny she stated !! Oh after you said you were bleeding out your Butt

It makes me laugh I'm Sorry I could not help it.

I then typed a letter to the legal department and submitted all my medical bills . When I spoke to Legal they said we will pay for the cost 0f you hospital stay just submit your claim !! Well I have been waiting only to be sent to other attorneys of Mona Vie such as Gradon Jackson a super attorney

that gave me more song and dance . After several

letters I finally got a call from Mr Jackson a Mona Vie Attorney , He said I'm So sorry for your Injury and that the Secretary laughed at you !! We Fired her for that , He went on to say he was going to get Mona Vie to pay for my medical costs and he would get back to me , After months and months I still wait and have not heard back from him to date.

I now have hired a attorney to deal with this

Mona Vie Company along with Peter Roselli The Host Consumers !! Beware Of Mona Vie products

and the claims of any health or benifets it may bring the Company is in Us federal Court as we speak for making False Claims and more over out right lies .

Bottom Line !! Mona Vie !! users beware

If you or anyone you know has been injured

Contact your local FDA and the attorney General of your local area .

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1314148

Anyone who buys this juice has a few screws loose. This stuff is a total pyramid scheme garbage. If you think it cures cancer, you need to have your head examined


First of all it is the responsibility of the consumer to ask what something has in it.IF YOU KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT EAT OR DRINK IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASK.


The person serving you does not know your history.ITS YOUR OWN FAULT.


Our bodies are the miracle not the magic juice.Of course some people feel better when they start to ingest more fruits and vegetables .

There are now getting multiple servings maybe 15 servings per day instead of the 5 they were getting before. There are no magic berries or Vegetables or fruits and any company that makes claims to one special plant does not see the bigger picture. Monavie claims the acai berry. as there niche market.

They have even claimed to have done alot of science into the benefits of the acai berry. They have not put there money were there mouth is because if they had, they would have spent the money to have done double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials. Also upon further research having trouble getting more than a couple peer reviewed studies outside of the monavie affiliates. Indipendent research is lacking.

Marketing primary and products secondary. They farm out for science then market it, no in house research. Were is the full scale genomics and protieomics lab, nuclear magnetic resonance and the nano technology. For true help with the relationship between our human cells and natural plants, the true science comes from biotech companies.As far as Antioxidants go there are other products that provide the body with a much greater understanding

Antioxidants are just one small piece of a bigger picture that alot of these direct sales companies promote.

Consumer beware of brainwashing.Look deeper...

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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Mary MCC- I am part of TEAM Monavie!But remember, you have tp love people where they are at!

Respect others even if they don't have the information we do. We know Monavie works, most of these people that complain don't seem to read that much, nor probably believe in anything- not even themselves.

(most Athiests are like that)

Just stay the course and encoutage others, cause thats the only way they will follow.

You have to LOVE


For you fools out there....Mona vie DOES NOT have fish oils in the juice!....whatever *** you are trying to formulate you might as well stop...why do you think they have been blowing you off? For how long?...Also, it IS NOT A PYRAMID!.DUH!!! Get yourself to a Tuesday open in your area and find out the info yourself b4 touting and spouting your ***! the way...there is Mona Vie and TEAM MONA VIE....make sure you now who you a dissing b4 you end up in court youself...oh, the FDA backs their product and has 21 patents for the formula...obviously you people are not very intelligent.....when you are sitting back on your couch watching the world go by, the distributors will be making a fortune off of a "SYSTEM" McDonalds, Wendys aren't getting the pic now nor with your lack of abiltiy to comprehend "business" you will be in line for a handout not a handup....toodles losers...


I am allergic to red grapes so I have no tried Mona Vie because of it. I hope it all works out well for you.


Mona Vie is too expensive for what you get.

I buy in Walmart, Tropicana alcai berry juice and pay $3.95, vs Mona Vie $30. Both feel the same, the only difference is the Mona Vie are more concentrated. But, how many Tropicana you can buy at $3.95 to equivalent one Mona Vie?

The Alcai actually helps, but Mona Vie charges too much for a bottle. I think that $5 per bottle is should be right.

This is what I think about the Mona Vie's $30 bottle: $2 for the juice, $8 for the brand name and the bottle, and $20 to divided on everybody down the pyramid.

For what happens to Jess,

Everybody that give free samples need to display the product contents and warnings to avoid to take the responsibility.

Once you pay for it, you agree to consume the product and is your responsibility read and know the contents.

Responsibility start preventing, you never can pay for somebody's life.

I think that in the Jess's case both have a fault here, Mona Vie's representative for don't display a warning for the contents, and Jess because he don't ask before take it, since only he know what he can take.

To decide who wins, I choose Jess because he is the one that take the risk with his life.....and the customer is always right.

God bless !!!


I have a feeling that this is written by someone who is selling or wants to sell Xango.


Actually, my boyfriend sells Monavie and his family is really into it.I think that pyramid schemes are a plague and that anyone with some sense shouldn't fall into it.

BUT. I do take Monavie every morning and it really energizes me. It helps with menstrual cramps and colds. (This is coming from the most skeptical person ever.) I like the drink, but hate the business.

I wouldn't swear off monavie for others, if you're allergic to shell fish then it is your responsibility to ask what is in your food before you eat it!Common sense.

Danny B

wow that is a crazy story I was thinking about trying that mona vie but you have changed my mind forever , hope you get better and these low life people sounds like some real winners in charge.



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